Intern at NAP

NAP accepts interns from accredited social work and counseling programs (both bachelor’s and master’s) as well as from public administration, dual degree social work/public administration, and marketing programs. As long as we have an employee¬†available and qualified to supervise an intern, we are open to accepting students from a variety of programs.

We expect a high quality of work from our students, and in return they receive excellent hands-on training in their field, a laid back work environment, and a highly regarded internship to add to their resume. Not to mention, we’re known to hire our students.

If you are interested in completing an internship, practicum, or school project with NAP, please contact the following people, and be prepared with a cover letter, resume, and a clear explanation of your project or practicum needs:

For client services (social work, counseling, direct client services) or prevention services contact:

Samantha Willey
402-552-9260 x108