Volunteers are deeply involved in the work of Nebraska AIDS Project at all levels. From the Board of Directors to the front lines of HIV prevention and services, people from the community donate time, skills, expertise, and labor to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

For many people, an unstructured volunteer experience is best-suited to the busy demands of life. Attending fundraising events that benefit Nebraska AIDS Project, making financial gifts, and pressing for greater HIV/AIDS awareness in your community are great ways to show support without big commitments in time, training, or reporting.

Program Volunteers participate in structured experiences working closely with Nebraska AIDS Project staff on direct services, special projects, clerical support and data entry, development, training, focus groups, planning and internships. Program volunteers may accept individual assignments or work as part of a team, and usually commit to a one-year period of service.

Currently, all offices have open volunteer positions! If you’d like to volunteer, please complete the application below.

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